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Compliant and accurate customs paperwork is paramount to doing business from Canada into the United States.

For some, it is a significant barrier to doing business over the border. Others incur tremendous costs attempting to remain compliant, while others have figured how to automate their processes internally.

CanLogix pioneered the consolidated customs solution for two of North America’s largest small package carriers. We are not customs brokers, but we understand their requirements to move your shipments seamlessly across the USA border into carrier networks for end-user delivery. In the past two years, the speed of change from the US government with respect to customs enhancements is significant. CanLogix has kept up with these changes, enabling our clients to grow additional business opportunities within the United States.

Combined with our shipping solutions, CanLogix has developed a customs database engine. Over the years, our engine has been developed to enable a user to transact customs data manually, fully automated (integrated with a host system), or anywhere in between.

Features of our customs module include the following:

Consolidated or individual Pro-Forma Invoice.

Export Identification Number (EIN) reporting.

Summary Consignee Listing.

Customized FDA and Textile reporting.

Electronic communication of product data to customs applications.

Automatic emailing of Pro-Forma’s for streamlined PAPS clearance.

Ability to manage multiple truck customs requirements for same day clearance.

For more information on Customs, please contact us.