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CHEP® is a significant player in North America’s pallet pooling services industry. Pallet pooling is the shared use of CHEP pallets by multiple customers or users. Many large supply chains require vendors to ship orders using designated CHEP Pallets.

If you are a CHEP distributor, you are required to inform CHEP Canada when sending pallets from your facility to a validated CHEP pooling member. The information required includes the date the transfer occurred, the consignee and the quantity of each type moved. Failure to do so incurs charges to the last member in possession of the CHEP Pallets – whether or not they are in the possession of the CHEP(s). To accomplish this task, CHEP Canada has created a website for vendors and distributors to manually key in the CHEP pallet movements. For distribution centers with high volumes of CHEP transactions, the website is time consuming, can lead to errors and potential year end accrual charges in the tens of thousands of dollars if improperly managed.

CanLogix’s CHEP module automates the transaction recording and communications to CHEP Canada within the pooling environment. All required data elements are part of our solution. An end of day report and FTP communication to CHEP Canada facilitates this compliance process for you.


CHEP Database of all required CHEP Variables.

End of Day FTP Communication of all CHEP Transactions to CHEP Canada

End of Day CHEP Report – Hardcopy format.

End of Day CHEP Report – Archived in softcopy format.

CanLogix’s CHEP module automates the task of manually keeping track of all CHEP movements during the day, and subsequently keying them into the CHEP Canada website. End of day file communication seamlessly communicates this required data to CHEP Canada by Clippership.

For more information on CanLogix’s CHEP solution, please contact us.