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The CanLogix Cardinal Courier compliant module comes standard with fully compliant rating, labeling, manifesting and end of day communications to Cardinal. With the CanLogix Cardinal Courier module you can feel confident that all aspects of your Cardinal Courier transactions are processed accurately with the latest compliance. The module comes standard with the following:

Rating structures for all shipments (Ontario and Quebec).

Processing capabilities for prepaid and collect transactions.

Compliant beyond point charge calculations.

Accessorial service options are available including declared value.

Generation of Cardinal compliant bar-coded address label.

The module automatically calculates and assigns tracking numbers for each carton processed. Cartons are easily tracked for proof of delivery within the Cardinal website.

End of day consolidation and manifesting compliance within Cardinal network.

Supports multiple closings (pickups) for Cardinal in a given day.

The Cardinal module automatically uploads all manifesting information to the Cardinal mainframe at the end of each day via FTP communications.

The CanLogix Cardinal module generates compliant labels for enabling accurate carton and shipment identification, internal Cardinal routing, tracing, and special instructions.

The CanLogix Cardinal module generates all the required hard copy documentation for your operation. Multiple pick-up manifesting capabilities are a standard offering by CanLogix.

The CanLogix Cardinal module communicates via file transfer protocol (FTP) all daily manifested transactions. This facilitates accurate billing, accurate internal Cardinal routing and on-line tracking of your transactions.